Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Shopping Karma!

Went shopping with my aunt aunt and sister today! We found some really good deals!

Dillard's (usually is pretty expensive) is having a sale at the moment. its 30% off (JR.'s clothes, some other stuff is 40%) if it's already on sale.

So I found me a SUPER cute shirt on sale for $17 and bought it for $13.18! It's not a simple shirt either, its a nice more formal shirt. So that was a good deal.

We also went to JCP where if you spent $50 you get like $20 off.

My sister got 3 shirts that cost about $9 each and I got a pair of skinny jeans with a design on the pockets (you know, the kind that are usually like $30) that cost 24.50 all for a lil over $30. Good deal? uh, heck yes!!

I guess we just got really lucky with all of the good deals today!

We also went to another mall earlier this week and forever21 was having a sale where everything that was on sale was a buy one get one free deal. So I got a knit dress, lace leggings and a cardigan for around $20.

Just thought I'd share my finds so you know what to look out for!

Until next time,
 XoXo Echo.

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