Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Shopping Karma!

Went shopping with my aunt aunt and sister today! We found some really good deals!

Dillard's (usually is pretty expensive) is having a sale at the moment. its 30% off (JR.'s clothes, some other stuff is 40%) if it's already on sale.

So I found me a SUPER cute shirt on sale for $17 and bought it for $13.18! It's not a simple shirt either, its a nice more formal shirt. So that was a good deal.

We also went to JCP where if you spent $50 you get like $20 off.

My sister got 3 shirts that cost about $9 each and I got a pair of skinny jeans with a design on the pockets (you know, the kind that are usually like $30) that cost 24.50 all for a lil over $30. Good deal? uh, heck yes!!

I guess we just got really lucky with all of the good deals today!

We also went to another mall earlier this week and forever21 was having a sale where everything that was on sale was a buy one get one free deal. So I got a knit dress, lace leggings and a cardigan for around $20.

Just thought I'd share my finds so you know what to look out for!

Until next time,
 XoXo Echo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm not afraid to fall in love. I am afraid to fall for something I though was love.

Afraid of

Afraid Of
I'm afraid to let you in,
Because I may like you,
I'm afraid to like you,
Because I may fall in love,
I'm afraid to fall in love,
Because I may get hurt,
I'm afraid to get hurt,
Because of the pain,
I'm afraid of the pain,
Because of the scars,
I'm afraid of the scars,
Because they may bleed,
I'm afraid of the blood,
Because I may die,
I'm afraid to die,
Because I may survive,
I'm afraid to survive,
Because I may let you in,
And the cycle starts all over again.

 By: Ashlie Nicholle Haines

I saw this online earlier and I loved it. I believe everyone can relate to this at some point in their life.
 Heck, I've never been in love in order to be hurt but even I am scared to let someone in. I don't like the idea of laying myself bare to someone (in the figurative sense). Sometimes that worries me, I WANT to fall in love yet I block everyone out. I don't want to grow up and be alone and I fear if I don't break the cycle soon I may never be able to. (which is why I have a date next Wednesday, I may write about how THAT goes).
 So far it could go either way, I'm the type of person who doesn't care for or like all of that mushy stuff yet this guy seems to be one to dish it out... *gag* I even got a "miss you" when I had to log off of facebook the other night. Yikes! 
I'm torn between it being because I am scared to let myself fall in love or that it's because the guys I am surrounded with are annoying and crazy.
 I guess we will see(:
Until next time!
 XoXo Echo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road trip to Austin!

I'll post a blog about the whole trip later but this post is just me talking about my sister and I.
 We are crazy when we are together!! On the ride here we waved at random people at stop lights- you should have seen the looks we got! My sister, who we will call Carlz (a nickname she got a long time ago), was singing to a song at one point and using a brush as her 'microphone'. She looked at the man in the car next to us and he just stared like he didn't know whether or not to be scared or laugh his butt off!!
It was hilarious! Lets just say the side of our family that we are visiting is super... conservative? I don't know really... they are really strict with their kids (we are not aloud to say sucks and their older kids aren't aloud to watch certain shows because they don't want the younger one to see things) which I totally understand!  But just think how my sis and I feel. We are both teens and well.... its weird.
In fact we whisper stupid/dirty/or otherwise inappropriate comments to each other every 5 minutes!
 Anyway, so our family doesn't quite get us and I'm SURE we disturbed the adults and baffled and set a bad example for our younger cousin who we were with at the mall today.
 We were eating in the food court when Justin Bieber's "Baby" came on and we started singing and dancing in our seats. Let me just say that this is a first for my sis but the bagillionth time for me. After that "Drive By" by Train came on so we jammed to that. Our little cousin just stared at us with wide-eyed fasination with the public, what was to her  psychotic, outburst.
 For Carlz and I, it was just another Tuesday.
I am the craziest in our family no doubt; I'm a theatre nerd- what do you expect? And I am Happy to say that I am starting to rub off on my sister!!
 My cousin Valerie and I.... we'll.... we're something else haha! I'll save those stories for another time. (:
Until Next time!
XoXo Echo <3

Saturday, July 21, 2012

You have the right to read whatever you damn well please

You have the right to read whatever you damn well please

Read the article!
I find it odd that, in a country founded of freedoms, schools and libraries still have the ability to ban books. Making it harder if not impossible for some people to have access to them.
I am definitely going to look into doing the read-in and try to get my friends involved. If we do have a read-in I will post the pictures and tell you all how it goes!

Amazing dance!

I'll be honest, I don't keep up with TV shows. I was surfing youtube the other day when I stumbled across this.
This is one of the most beautiful dances I have ever seen. I could FEEL it; the emotion, the story that they were telling.
After seeing this; I will definitely start watching SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance).
Just thought I'd share it with those who may not have seen it because I absolutely love it!
XoXo Echo

Friday, July 20, 2012

More Than Just Another Pretty Face

Where to begin? I think I will keep my name to myself for now, that may change in the future. I am a sophomore in high school. I love music beyond reason; I hear it and it's like the beat flows through me; through my soul. I can feel myself rise and fall along with the beat. I can't simply 'listen' to a song and take it at face value; I embrace it and it takes me on a journey as it resonates within my soul. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's the only way I can describe it with words.
My passions include singing, dancing, and acting. What can I say? I was born to preform.
I discovered this last year that not only do I like writing.... but I'm actually good at it. Oddly enough, I have my World Geography teacher to thank for that... I used to think I was horrible.
I am unsure as to where this blog is going exactly.... so we'll have to wait and see how things unfold.
Until next time,
 XoXo Echo