Friday, September 14, 2012

How to organize your make-up table!

This article is a collection of DIY/How-to's for organizing your make-up area.

These are all things that I have found online and just pieced together, I am not sure of the original creator of any, but will post a link to the detailed instructions if there are some!

   This right here is awesome! It's a metal magnet board hung on the wall. You get adhesive magnet strips and cut them to size. You then stick them to the backs of your make-up and there you go! All your make-up is laid out for you without it being cluttered. 

This is also a really cute idea. These are just mason jars that were spray painted silver and they look super cute and work wonderfully!! Could hold eyeliners, mascara, lip pencils, lip gloss, etc.

This is a PVC pipe screwed into the wall. You could do this into the side of a vanity table, the side of a cabinet, or into the wall. Spray paint a cute color and it would be awesome!

 An old entertainment center turned into what is basically a closet! I am hoping to do something like this soon, if I do I will post the how-to with pictures, etc!

  The link for this wouldn't work but it looks like they took a jewelry tray (hence the place for the rings) and turned it into a hanging jewelry box and picture frame. They added three strips of wood across some of the open space. One has tiny hooks for necklaces and the other two are for earrings.... I can't tell if they're notches or something in the wood (maybe a gap on the other side so the other end of the earring goes over causing them to hang?), added a thin picture frame using hinges, and then hung on a wall. I love this!

A magnet strip attached to collect/hold bobby pins so they aren't all over the bottom of your drawer. Can put in cabinet, drawer, etc.

Spice racks hung on the wall to store hair products. Spray paint a pretty color and BAM! It's super cute and frees up counter and drawer space.    

Plastic storage bin re-vamped using scrapbooking paper!
I hope you can put some of these ideas to use!

Until next time!

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