Friday, September 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

         Hi all!! 
  So school is back in session, YAYYYY..... not. Today marks the end of the third week and it feels like it has been going for months already! Four out of my seven classes are advanced, three pre-AP and one AP, the other three are electives and my language, one of which is one semester so for the second semester I will have an AP class in it's place. I though "Freshman year was so easy and I had three pre-AP classes, throwing in 2 AP classes won't hurt!" Oh how wrong I was.

 I had to miss dance on Tuesday and Thursday because I was too tried and stressed out plus I had a lot of homework and today I am sick with the beginnings of a sinus infection. I told myself yesterday that I wasn't allowed to get sick. I don't have TIME to be sick. And what does my self go do? Skipping merrily down the trail of sickness!

 Needless to say, I stayed home today to take medicine and sleep it off, but in the process I am missing part of a project in English, probably a whole lot of AP World History notes, and a French test. All of which will have to be made up by Tuesday, meaning I will have to miss part of theatre practice on Monday to take my test, and then after practice go home and do homework AND make up work.

  The point of this post was not to rant on and on about my stressful life.... well, maybe it was just a LITTLE bit, but to try an help out anyone else who is having the same problem right now.

 For starters the biggest thing you can do to help yourself is to BE ORGANIZED! This means your binder, your backpack, your locker, and your room at home. Keep your binder organized so you are not overwhelmed when you open it up and so that you know where everything is, it'll get a bit cluttered after a while so just sit down for five to ten minutes every now and then and tidy it up. The same with your backpack, keep your load simple so that you can find things. I have a pencil back for my pencils, markers, pens, highlighters, my student ID, etc. I use the small pocket in my bag for money, my phone, make-up, lead, etc. It's good to kind of have a place for everything so that you can find it quick and easy. Your locker is for the same reason, you want to be able to see what's in there, plus it just makes you feel gross when you open it up and its a mess, same with your room. You need a place that is neat and tidy to sit down in and study or do your homework. If it's cluttered you won't want to stay there and you will not be able to focus. When everything is organized you just feel less stressed. It helps me feel like I am in control of my time and not like time is controlling me.

 Time management is ALSO key, get a planner! I got a plain one from Wal-mart that has big enough boxes that I can write my homework for each day, when things are due, reminders, etc in it. It's great! I added a few stickers on there to personalize it a bit so it wasn't so plain. A planner is a great way to help you plan out your time, especially if you are involved in extra-curricular stuff and/or advanced classes. It allows you to see your week in advance so if you have a game Thursday and a project is due Friday, then you know you need to finish it before Thursday.

                                                              Here is my schedule:
Monday: School (We get out at 2:35) then theatre practice until 5.
Tuesday: Same as Monday then dance (ballet, modern, and jazz) from 5:30-8:30 (I am home around 9)
Wednesday: Same as Monday
Thursday: Interact meeting @ school at 6:50, school,theatre practice, and then dance (Turns & elevations,                  and Hip-hop) 5:30-6:30 and 7:30-8:30 (I have an hour between, that is when I eat and do a bit of homework). I am hope around 9.
Friday: Same as Monday and every other we have football games.

 Throw in class officer meetings, etc. and I am a pretty busy person! The earliest I ever get home is around 5:30, doesn't leave much time for relaxing when you have four advanced classes and a french class that you have homework for almost every night. I am obviously still adjusting to all of this BUT being organized and having a planner really does help. Keep in mind that a planner is a tool, you have to use it and keep up with it for it to help you at all.

   Being really organized is extremely new to me, but it's certainly a necessity for me now.
   I hope I helped anyone out there suffering from an extremely full schedule!

Until next time!

If you would like to see an example of an awesomely organized binder check out this video by Ailyxxxfashion on Youtube:

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